sábado, 28 de julio de 2018

What do addicts feel in rehab?

So many people run away from their problems abusing on alcohol and drugs, they scape from their reality discovering no opportunity to dig out of the hole they are in.

Some of them can have legal financial or relationships issues, for sure they may have hurt people, lied, stolen, or been involved in criminal activity. On one way or other the ignorance of moving forward in their life is something that is out of their minds. Then it comes out of  feeling annoyance, upset and grief.

viernes, 27 de julio de 2018

About engagement

An engagement is a formal agreement to do or to be with something or someone, however, how do people decide to accept this challenge activity and take it

Normally we start with emotion and happiness like getting married, when you see and feel emotion to be with the beloved one, Or for example when you are absolutely decided to go to the gym and do as much as exercise you need. And what about beginning university studies you see a full catalog of new lifestyle with your mates. Also, the sensation to be at a new job, maybe the economy salary decided to stay in a new environment. Definitely running blood on your veins is to feel alive the new challenges that are to coming up.

But on the other hand, presence is something most of the people forget to apply during their engagement. For example, Technological devices such as cellular phone, social media, taking photos to upload it to Instagram, having recreation on mobile games, answering emails as well as having lots of conversations via What's App or Facebook Messanger has taken us a way of being with our compromise, and with the time, we damaged the delusion because of not spending correctly time to what at the beginning we were so enthusiastic and it is a very thin line between engagement and absence.
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