martes, 26 de abril de 2011

My aspiration

Welcome, I'm Iván and i would like to talk about my interest on drawing, yeah, you know, my dream is to be a good drawer, sometimes when i watch The Simpson and i look at that amazing pictures they inspire me, imagine to draw every simple things you see, i mean, it would be closest to get a perfect synthesis of things because you don't need exactly words to say what you want, everything is told by images.

To learn to draw is to learn to watch carefully, you discover to look at the things accuratly, practice is needed. I remember that when i started to writte i was so embarressed to read my words, now, it's the same with pictures, i can't look at them because of shame. I can't say my writing is well, but at least I'm proud of it and i can read it with anyproblem.

My aspiration is to convert the way i look the things in something better, try to observe every detail, try to let myself to get free, any hold, any chain, just my wish to draw, it is said that the only worth madness of persecution is the one which comes from the heart. It is the only way to reach your goals: when it comes from your heart.


"The best way to learn to draw is the practice, since the only thing that can make all teachers and books in the world is to provide information: learning can only be acquired through practice"

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