domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Synthesis of the book A murder is announced by Agatha Christie

I have finished my third book in english, it was a little bit difficult to understand everything, my lack of vocabulary doesn't help the enough. The book it's such as a mystery and imaginative story, Agatha is telling a crime, where a lot of people is talking about why a crime is announced in the news paper.

A lot of versions are told by people, but who has the reason? how could we know the truth when it is distorted, but meanly, why somebody wants to kill someone? Is the lack of love? is the hate present? is something wrong in our brain? I think that a criminal couldn't have the opportunity to be educated in life and because of not having someone who helps in his feelings the way he takes is the worst.

We should consider that the best lecture is not these kind of books, if you are not a frecuent reader you oughtn´t read these books, they have a little content, but when you don't have the opportunity to get a english book, whatever you choose is a great option in spite of not being a excellent story.

A murder is announced by Agatha Christie
I sugguest that if you are a native spanish and you want to read in english, visit the American Bookstore located in Bolivar no. 23 Col. Centro, Cuauhtemoc, Mex, DF CP 06000, Tel: 55120306. They have a lot of literature in english I have discovered it two weeks ago an it is excellent bookstore. My next book will be the Steppenwolf by Hermann Hess that was bought in that bookstore.

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