viernes, 22 de abril de 2011

Never say never

We are made of starsdust and don't have any fucking idea of what's life, at least not me. I consider that life is teaching you every day, every simple action that happends to you is some kind of message destination: we could wether to take it or leave it. 

Although myself has been taught in good ideas I can't take apart the idea of: never say never. The step to arrive to wisdom is to recognize that you are no one and you're a seed in the universe, you can't avoid the action that you are not stronger as you thing, you are fragile and i'm not trying to say that we are physically fragil, no sir, i'm trying to say that we can't support the idea that we are not going to change one part of our feelings and thoughts. We aren't rocks, we are human; and we have the capacity of being mentally variables. That's why I say: Never say never.

Changes of personality
Maybe I'm just talking about me, I have suffer a lot of changes that I'm not the same person that I used to be 3 months ago. My life, feelings and thoughs are changing everyday.

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