viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

We're children, we're afraid

Today, after getting out of gym I went to eat at 'Las Cazuelitas', a mexican site where you can order mexican food and something else. When I was 'bout to finish, three gays arrived to the place, they were american, so, they were speaking in english.

I remembered how does it feel like to be a child, they were for me something 'big', I was paralize hearing everything they were talking about, for me, every word I heard, was new, sometimes I needed an explication for what they were saying. This is the same a little kid feels like. They try to understand adult's conversation, but they can't because of lackin' of vocabulary.

When we're children, we can avoid to be afraid of something new, every word we heard, it's a new world for us... this is the same when we're speaking a new language.

Learning to speak a new language it's like to born again

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