jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Step by step

Today has been so important for you, you have entered the necesary documents to register your thesis, it has taken 3 mounths to convice your director to do the 'first' step. Now you have to wait a week to know if the department's telecommunications has accepted the disertation.

It has influenced a lot over ya, you already have 80 percent of your final index, now it's time to make it right, to do it profesionally, your vision is more clearly, now everything depends on you, at least, the 100 percent of the theory thesis. Your director has told you that the next days you're going to start with the equipment test and everything related with the Metro Network you're proposing.

Three goals are on your mind: toefl, ccna and thesis. Wich one is going to be first? Maybe the english exam, then da thesis, and after that, the network exam. Is his the one what you've been waiting for all your life?, is this the one?

step by step

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