jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

A english story featuring C and D verbs

I cast the money and the little girl caught it. My grand father chided her, she didn't know what to choose either to pick it or leave it. The little girl clung from her bycicle and started to clothe while she was driving. She came from her mother's house and the bycicle she had been using cost eight thousand pesos.

At the new place where she had arrived was a little bit weird, the worms were creeping and the rocks were crowing, she cut the worms in two parts but they were reproducing twice. She was dealing to find the true about that place and daring herself because she was too afraid with darkness.

The cadaver should have started to dive but he started to draw. The girl thought that she was hungover, the last night had drunk a lot of milk, that she didn't recognize wheter to be awake or dreamt. She dreamt the clouds were outside from sky and gods dwell in earth.

Try to catch it

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