miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

A english story featuring A and B verbs

I don't fucking know if i'm gonna be able to abide this history, everything arose when i woke up this morning. I was feeling good and i needed to bear something to say on my blog. So it came to my mind the idea of using verbs to create a history so that i could have fun and practice my writting english:

I beat the glory, I have become a legend, my life has befall so positive, my words have been begetting from my mind and heart, I begin my own destiny, I behold my present, my past has been bent, my hapiness is bereft, my passion beseeches me to get out, my consciousness bestrides in a real life, my bet is always in good things.

My bid told me one time: the peace and intelligence has to be bound together, never bite the envy, bleed your brain until you get crazy. I blew the candle and i started to thing that maybe all my bad ideas should be broken instead of feeding them. My mind brought me the newest broadcast internet, this was my opportunity to built my craziest ideas: burn all my feeling on a blog and notebook. Maybe in the future someone will buy this stupid things.

Kind of difficult, isn't it?... i would like that you try to make a history with this verbs: good luck!

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