viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

A english story featuring E, F, G and H verbs

My words eat everything they can, the sorprise was falling deep inside and the verbs were fighting to find a place where they can fit. My tounge tried to flee but she couldn't do it, the air was flinging pressure and the phrases she said were flying in the air.

The book forbore to say a lie and the pages forbad the no-imagination even when i forgot to forgive i was in love, loneliness forsook me and the hapiness froze in my life. I used to get scolded but now, I can make the things right. The way i have to take is gilding on the future and i gird my selfeducation. Education has give me a lot of things, the rights go inside of me and the pessimism has been ground.

I'm growing up with such as perfect life, i hang from knowledge tree and i can hear god is talking to me, my head has been hove, the brain is hewing a new vision and the sadness has been hidden. They hit me and hurt me but is the way i can learn more, it's the way i can hold myself in pleasure.


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